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  • August 21, 2014

    Advantages of Instagram

    Personally i have tried many social media sites Twitter, Facebook, Tumlr, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest, but have witnessed none like Instagram. Instagram is one of the best and fastest growing social media sites where one can share videos and photos. What differentiates Instagram off their online community sites is photos are restricted to a square shape a lot more like the ones on printed paper. It's also possible to record and share videos lasting at most fifteen seconds.

    Whether you do have a personal or business account, you may enjoy the several advantages of Instagram. Many of these benefits cut across personal and business accounts while many will still only help business accounts.

    Just as one entrepreneur instagram likes with online doors on your business, Instagram is the ideal site to develop brand awareness and online presence. Use promotional photos for the products to employ an advertising campaign with this site. Personalize your small business by having behind the scene photos that give customers an insight into what goes on in your company. You can also get customer feedback and insight easily. From the pics and vids you share, you will interact with other companies across the world. You will find over 80 million users of Instagram.

    For individual use, this app is the greatest in order to connect with people to make friends. The app can be downloaded free of charge when you have an android or apple device. Network with others globally by liking, commenting on photos and videos and following other users. There are many of editing options and filters which are widely-used to make minor changes in your posts.

    Evidently, Instagram looks services or products other photo sharing app. In fact there are many compared to above advantages. ?a picture will probably be worth one thousand words’ they say and researchers have proven that customers respond more to visual image content type in comparison with use text. This is the reason you need to create an Instagram account now it is simple and only takes a couple of minutes.